• Rahul kumar

    Rahul kumar

    learning something new everyday

  • Pooja Prabhu

    Pooja Prabhu

    Curious Learner || I love to connect with people and words.

  • shiva


  • 呂文楷 BOBO

    呂文楷 BOBO

    Intern at Microsoft Technology Center.

  • Clarissa RJ Tai

    Clarissa RJ Tai

    "Step by step approaching my dream. Welcome to the world of DATA."

  • Chaudhari Abhishek

    Chaudhari Abhishek

  • Conor O'Sullivan

    Conor O'Sullivan

    Risk Data Scientist — Building credit risk and fraud models for the man. Exploring AI topics for myself.

  • Anuganti Suresh

    Anuganti Suresh

    Working as Automotive design engineer. Actively looking for change the domain into Data Science. Certified from Simplilearn as “Data Scientist”.

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