Classical Music for Relaxation —Chopin

This is part of my Chopin playlist for relaxation.

Nocturne Op. 9 №.1 in B flat minor

Nocturne Op.9 №.2 in E flat major

Nocturne Op.27 №.1 in C sharp minor

Nocturne Op. 27 №.2 in D flat major

Nocturne Op.48 №.2 in F sharp minor

Nocturne Op.62 №.1 in B major

Nocturne Op.62 №.2 in E major

Nocturne Op.72 №.1 in E minor

Nocturne Op.20 in C sharp minor

Prelude Op.28 №.15 in D flat major

Waltz Op.69 №.2 in B minor

Waltz Op.70 №.2 in F minor

The list still goes on. These are just some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy listening to them.

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